Vijay Kedia Portfolio: March 2022

Vijay Kedia Investment Portfolio

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Vijay Kedia may have started out in a family of stockbrokers, but his heart always lay in long-term research-based investing. That is an investment approach that Vijay Kishanlal Kedia has fine-tuned over time.

Over the last few years, his out of the box thinking and his ability to identify and hold on to small and mid-cap stocks with conviction have been his hallmarks. It is not surprising that his investment actions are closely tracked by market participants.

As of the close of March 2022, Vijay Kedia held 15 stocks in his portfolio with a market value of Rs.485 crore as of 30th April, down more than 18% on a sequential basis. Here is a snapshot of his top holdings in rupee value terms.

Stock Name

Percentage Holding

Holding Value

Holding Movement

Vaibhav Global Ltd


Rs.143 crore

No Change

Cera Sanitaryware Ltd


Rs.55 crore

New Addition in Q4

Sudarshan chemicals


Rs.52 crore

No Change

Mahindra Holidays Ltd


Rs.52 crore

No Change

Repro India Ltd


Rs.37 crore

No Change

Elecon Engineering


Rs.25 crore

No Change

Affordable Robotics


Rs.24 crore

New Addition in Q4

Ramco Systems


Rs.23 crore

Reduced in Q4

Neuland Laboratories


Rs.17 crore

No Change


The top-10 stocks account for 88.2% of the value of the portfolio of Vijay Kedia as of end Mar-22.

Stocks where Vijay Kedia added to the holdings in Q4

Let us look at the fresh addition of stocks to his portfolio in the Mar-22 quarter. There have been 2 key additions in Q4 and both are stocks that Vijay Kedia had booked out in the Dec-21 quarter but bought them back in the Mar-22 quarter. The first stock was Cera Sanitaryware, an old favourite of Vijay Kedia, which had fully sold out in the Dec-21 quarter.


However, in the Mar-22 quarter, he bought back the 1% stake in Cera Sanitaryware. The other such case was Affordable Robotic and Automation Ltd. He had held 15.3% stake in the stock but had exited in the Dec-21 quarter. In the Mar-22 quarter, Vijay Kedia bought back 14.2% stake in Affordable Robotic and Automation Ltd.

Let us now turn to the stock accretions to his existing portfolio of equities. There was no particular stock in which he added to his existing positions. Small additions were made in Vaibhav Global and in Elecon Engineering but the stake changes were not significant enough to report any change in the holdings in these stocks.

What stocks did Vijay Kedia downsize in his portfolio in Q4?

There were a number of stocks in which Vijay Kedia has used higher levels to reduce his stake during the quarter. Here are 2 stocks where some significant reduction in stake was visible. 

1) Vijay Kedia has cut is stake in Ramco Systems Ltd from 2.6% at the end of the Dec-21 quarter to 2.3% at the end of the Mar-22 quarter. This translates into a 30 bps reduction in holdings in Ramco Systems, although it still figures in top-10 holdings.

2) Vijay Kedia has cut his stake in Tejas Networks to a marginal extent. 

Apart from the above additions and reductions reported, the investor held status quo on the other stocks in the portfolio.

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