Vilas Transcore IPO Allotment Status

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Last Updated: 31st May 2024 - 10:50 am

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 About Vilas Transcore IPO

The stock of Vilas Transcore has a face value of ₹10 per share and it is a book built issue. The price for the book building issue is set in the price band of ₹139 to ₹147 per share. Being a book built issue, the final price will be discovered within this band. The IPO of Vilas Transcore has only a fresh issue component and no offer for sale (OFS) portion.

IPO Name Vilas Transcore IPO
Price Band     ₹139 to ₹147 per share
Lot Size 1000 Shares
Issue Size ₹95.26 Cr


While the fresh issue portion is EPS dilutive and equity dilutive, the OFS is just a transfer of ownership and  hence is not EPS or equity dilutive. As part of the fresh issue portion of the IPO, Vilas Transcore Ltd will issue a total of 64,80,000 shares (64.80 lakh shares), which at the upper band IPO price of ₹147 per share aggregates to fresh fund raising of ₹95.26 crore. Since there is no OFS, the fresh issue size will also double as the overall issue. Therefore, the overall IPO size will also comprise of the issue of 64,80,000 shares (64.80 lakh shares) which at the upper band IPO price of ₹147 per share will aggregate to overall IPO size of ₹95.26 crore.

Like every SME IPO, this issue also has a market making portion with a market maker inventory allocation of 3,26,000 shares. Hem Finlease Private Ltd will be the market makers to the issue. The market maker provides two-way quotes to ensure liquidity on the counter and low basis costs, post listing. The promoter holding in the company currently stands at 99.97%, which will get diluted post the IPO to 73.51%.

The fresh issue funds will be used by the company for capex of its factory building, capex to acquire additional plant & machinery, and for funding strategic mergers and acquisitions in the market. Hem Securities Ltd will be the lead manager to the issue, and Bigshare Services Private Ltd will be the registrar to the issue. The market maker for the issue is Hem Finlease Private Ltd. The Vilas Transcore IPO will be listed on the SME IPO segment of the NSE.

Checking the Vilas Transcore IPO allotment status 

How to check the allotment status. Since this is an NSE SME IPO, there is no facility to check on the exchange website. On the other hand, the BSE only offers allotment status update on its website for the mainboard IPOs and for BSE SME IPOs. If you have applied for the IPO, you can either check your allotment status on the website of the IPO registrar, Bigshare Services Private Limited; or you can use the broker link provided, in case your broker is giving such a direct linkage. Here are the steps that you need to follow to check allotment status on the registrar website of Bigshare Services Private Ltd.

Checking the IPO allotment status of Vilas Transcore on the website of Bigshare Services Private Limited (Registrar to IPO)

Visit the Bigshare Services registrar website for IPO allotment status by clicking on the link below:

There are three things to remember. Firstly, you can just click on the hyper link given above and directly go to the allotment checking page. The second option, in case you are not able to click on the link, is to copy the link and paste in your web browser. Thirdly, there also a way to access this page via the home page of Bigshare Services Private Ltd by clicking on the IPO Allotment Status link displayed prominently on the home page. It all works the same, and leads you to the same landing page.

Once you enter the IPO allotment check landing page of Bigshare Services Private Ltd, you are given the choice to select from 3 servers viz. Server 1, Server 2, and Server 3. There is nothing to be confused, as these are just server backups in case one of the servers is experiencing too much traffic. You can select any of these 3 servers and in case you are finding problems accessing one of the servers, then try the other one. There is no difference, which server you select; the output would still be the same. This is just a method to share the server load during peak access times.

What to do, when you reach the landing page?

When you go to the landing page, you will have to select the name of the company first. This company dropdown list will only show the active IPOs, so once the allotment status is finalized, you can select Vilas Transcore  from the dropdown box. The basis of allotment in this case will be finalized on 30th May 2024, so you will be able to access the details on the registrar website either late on 30th May 2024 or by middle of 31st May 2024. Once the company is selected from the dropdown box, you have 3 methods to check the allotment status for the IPO.

• Firstly, you can access the allotment status using Application Number / CAF Number. The CAF is short for Composite Application Form and it is available on the acknowledgement slip given to you when you submit the IPO application. Enter the Application / CAF number and then click on Search Button. Enter the application exactly it is given in the acknowledgement slip given to you post the IPO application process. After that you can click on the Search button to get the details of shares allotted to you in the IPO. Before you see the output, you will be asked to enter a 6-digit Captcha code as given. In case, it is not clear, you can toggle for more options. The numeric captcha is to ensure that the person accessing the allotment status is a human being and not a bulk robotic access. 

• The second option is that you can search by Beneficiary ID of your demat account. From the dropdown box, you must first select the depository name where your demat account is held i.e., NSDL or CDSL. In the case of NSDL, enter the DP id and Client id in separate boxes as provided. NSDL will be an alphanumeric code. In case of CDSL, just enter the CDSL client number. Remember that the NSDL string is alphanumeric while the CDSL string is a numeric string. The details of your DP and client ID are available in your online DP statement or in the statement of account. After that you can click the Search Button in both cases. Before you see the output, you will be asked to enter a 6-digit numeric Captcha code as given. In case, it is not clear, you can toggle for more options. The captcha is to ensure that the person accessing the allotment status is a human being and not a robot.

• Thirdly, you can also search by Income Tax PAN number. Once you select PAN (permanent account number) from the dropdown menu, enter your 10-digit PAN number, which is an alphanumeric code. Remember, in a PAN, the first to fifth and the tenth character are alphabets while the sixth to ninth character are numeric characters. The PAN number will be available on your PAN card or on top of your income tax returns filed. Once you enter the PAN, click on the Search Button. Once again, before you see the output, you will be asked to enter a 6-digit numeric Captcha code as given. In case, if it is not clear, you can toggle for more options. 

The IPO status with number of shares of Vilas Transcore   allotted will be displayed on the screen. You can save a screenshot of the screen for future reference. Once again, you can verify the demat credit by the close of 31st May 2024, or later. In case of any complaints or queries, you can email to or call 022-6263-8200.

IPO allocation and subscriptions: why they matter to allotment status

Here is a break-up of the total shares issued by the company and its quota allocated for different classes of investors. This is the key to your chances of allotment in the IPO.

Investor Category Shares Allocated in the IPO
Market Maker Shares 3,26,000 shares (5.03% of the total issue size)
Anchor Portion Allocation 18,45,000 shares (28.47% of the total issue size)
QIB Shares Offered 12,31,000 shares (19.00% of the total issue size)
NII (HNI) Shares Offered 9,24,000 shares (14.26% of the total issue size)
Retail Shares Offered 21,54,000 shares (33.24% of the total issue size)
Total Shares Offered 64,80,000 shares (100.00% of total issue size)

Data Source: Company RHP

The response to the IPO of Vilas Transcore was strong and it was subscribed by 204.85X overall at the close of bidding on 29th May 2024 with the HNI / NII segment seeing 449.56 times subscription, and the Retail portion seeing 151.42 times subscription. The QIB segment quota (net of anchor allocation) also get subscribed 114.64 times in the IPO. The table below captures the overall allocation of shares with the oversubscription details as of the close of the IPO on 29th May 2024. The Vilas Transcore IPO was kept open for a period of 3 trading days from May 27, 2024 to May 29, 2024; both days inclusive.




bid for

Total Amount 
(₹ in Crore)

Market Maker 1.00 3,26,000 3,26,000 4.79
Anchor Quota 1.00 18,45,000 18,45,000 27.12
QIB Investors 114.64 12,31,000 14,11,22,000 2,074.49
HNIs / NIIs 449.56 9,24,000 41,53,98,000 6,106.35
Retail Investors 151.42 21,54,000 32,61,66,000 4,794.64
Total 204.85 43,09,000 88,26,86,000 12,975.48


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