06 Dec 2021

5paisa Wealth: With Our Portfolio Advisory Services Maximize the Potential of Your Investment

Team 5paisa.com is dedicated to create unmatched value for its patrons. All our activities are centered around two key goals – a) welcoming new customers to our universe and b) strengthening our bond with existing customers.

Our gaze is set firmly on these two goals and, identifying and fulfilling the emerging needs of our customers plays a pivotal role in achieving them. In the process, we have pioneered several firsts within the brokerage industry.

Latest addition to our cap of firsts is the launch of ‘5paisa Wealth’. In October 2021, we became the first discount broker in the country to offer portfolio advisory services to customers.

Let us understand all about this new offering.

Why portfolio advisory services?

At 5paisa, we cater to retail investors, Do-It-Yourself investors, traders as well as new investors. One of the most important aspects where we support them is to help them identify suitable stocks as per their risk appetite and financial goals. For investments of smaller ticket sizes (₹50,000-₹1 lakh), we have smallcases.

Through smallcases, we provide them modern investment products that help them build a diversified, low-cost and long-term portfolio.

Yet, a lot of our customers seek expert advice in managing their portfolios. Since most of our customers belong to the DIY category, they are looking to marry the expert advice with their own decision making.

In other words, they will continue to make important investment decisions even while receiving guidance from experts to achieve full potential of their investments.

And what better way of providing them with bespoke investment advisory than our wealth management offering? Investors can get these services with a surplus amount of just ₹2.5 lakh.

This is a small fraction of the minimum corpus of ₹50 lakh required in traditional portfolio management service offerings. Our aim is to help them generate healthy returns, consistently over the long-run.

We have joined hands with Sunil Singhania and Pankaj Murarka – two veteran fund managers who have accumulated a wealth of equity expertise over the past two decades. 

With an experience of 24 years in Indian equity markets, Sunil Singhania was Chief Investment Officer (CIO)-equities and Global Head-Equities at Reliance Capital group, managing India-focused equities of over $10 billion. In 2018, he founded Abakkus Asset Management which manages assets worth $550 million.

Pankaj Murarka founded Renaissance Investment Managers in 2017.  He has over two decades of experience in equity investing. He was the CIO with Axis Mutual Fund and has managed over $2 billion in Indian equities.

What does the customer get?

1) An opportunity to learn from the team led by veteran fund managers, having a proven track record of generating alpha.

2) Build a diversified portfolio to reduce risk

3) Quality stock selection

4) Disciplined approach and active monitoring

5) No exit load on selling investments (Unlike mutual funds)

Our expert investment managers undertake regular review of our customers’ portfolio and recommend changes on an on-going, basis while managing risks prudently.

How do these portfolios work?

Customers can invest in two portfolios – Abakkus Smart FlexiCap and Alpha Core and Satellite, based on their investment style.

Abakkus Smart FlexiCap

Alpha Core and Satellite

  • Comprises growth companies hand-picked from the top 250 stocks, identified via a bottom-up approach.
  • Profitability of these companies is expected to grow higher than the market averages.
  • Comprises a blend of long-term secular growth businesses, cyclical, and sectoral businesses.
  • Prospects of these businesses are tied closely with the ebbs and flows of the economic cycle.
  • 4 month annualized return: 26.2%
  • 4 month annualized return: 48.9%

4 month returns are as on December 2, 2021

The pricing model of the portfolios will be determined based on the amount invested by the client.

What has been the response in the past one month?

In a little over one month, we have received overwhelming response to this offering. More than 7,000 customers have shown interest in this offering.

How can you invest with 5paisa wealth?

Come, join 5paisa wealth’s community of investors. 

Step 1 - Visit 5paisa Investment Products and click on “Wealth”. 

Step 2 - Fill in your details (name and mobile number). 

In just two quick steps you can start your account creation. Our team will get in touch with you and will guide you throughout your journey of wealth creation.

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