What is Aadhaar Address Validation Letter?

5paisa Research Team Date: 13 Feb, 2024 11:16 AM IST


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There is excellent news for those who need to renew their Aadhaar card because they just relocated for employment, school, or personal reasons. To update your new address, you may now choose to get an Aadhaar address validation letter. We will walk you through each step of the process to help you update the details on your Aadhaar card. 

What Is Aadhaar Address Validation Letter in India

When someone wants to change their address on their Aadhaar card, the Aadhaar Address Validation Letter is a crucial document, particularly if they don't have traditional proof of address. A validation letter is delivered to the address verifier's location as part of this procedure, which is governed by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). A secret code that is essential to the address updating procedure is included in this letter. This programme, which was created especially for those without a legitimate proof of residence, allows address information to be updated on Aadhaar, guaranteeing that demographic data is up to date and correct.

Eligibility Criteria for Aadhaar Address Validation

The Aadhaar Address Validation Letter has simple yet precise eligibility requirements. Those who have an Aadhaar card and need to update their address information since they don't have traditional address verification are qualified. The procedure requires the approval and verification of an address verifier, who may be a friend, family member, or landlord who is prepared to allow the use of their address as identification.

Prerequisites for Address Validation Letter

A few requirements must be satisfied before starting the Aadhaar Address Validation Letter process:
1. Active Aadhaar Number: A genuine Virtual ID or Aadhaar number is required for individuals.
2. Address Verifier: It is important to have an address verifier who consents to the use of their address and is willing to engage in the process.
3. UIDAI Website Access: To make the request for the Address Validation Letter, do it through the official UIDAI website.
Despite its importance in assisting people in updating their address on their Aadhaar cards, it is worth noting that the UIDAI has temporarily discontinued the Address Validation Letter service. This suspension implies that people should utilise alternative acceptable Proof of Address papers approved by UIDAI to update their address information. As a consequence, keeping up with the official notices and changes from UIDAI is critical for those wishing to use this service in the future.

How Can I Request a Letter of Validation for My Aadhaar?

The procedure for submitting a request for an Aadhaar validation letter might be complicated, although it usually follows a set procedure. Please be aware that the Address Validation Letter service has been temporarily halted by the UIDAI as of recent updates. But when the service is available, the standard protocol entails the following steps:

Step 1: Sending out the request for a letter of address validation

• Go to UIDAI: VIsit UIDAI's official webpage.
• Selection of Requests: Under the "My Aadhaar" page, choose the "Request for Address Validation Letter" option.
• Aadhaar Sign-in: Use your Virtual ID or Aadhaar Number to log in.
• Adhaar Verifier's Entry: Enter the verifier's Aadhaar ID, whose address you want to update in your Aadhaar once they have given their approval and been authenticated.

Step 2: Consent by Address Verifier

• Notification for the Verifier: An SMS about address validation with a consent link is given to the verifier.
• Consent Process: After clicking the link, the verifier will get a follow-up SMS with an OTP for confirmation.
• OTP Validation: To confirm the permission, enter the OTP and the Captcha code.

Step 3: Obtaining Verifier's Consent Confirmation 

• Service Request Number (SRN): Following the verifier's approval, you get an SMS with a 28-digit SRN.
• Use SRN to log in: To log in and access the address data, use the SRN.
• Verification of Address: Verify the address information and make any required changes.

Step 4: Following Letter Reception

• Getting the Letter of Validation: The address of the verifier receives the Aadhaar Validation Letter along with a secret code.
• Put in the secret code: To change the address, use the secret code included in the validation letter.
• Update Verification: Examine the revised address and verify the information on the UIDAI website.
It's crucial to remember that these procedures are just suggestions and might alter in accordance with UIDAI's present policies and procedures. The official UIDAI website is the best source of accurate and current information. Always consult it.


The Aadhaar Address Validation Letter is an essential instrument that allows for address modifications on the Aadhaar card, particularly in cases when traditional address evidence is not available. It demonstrates the dedication to keeping Aadhaar data accurate and representative of real user information.

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