Nifty PSU Bank

As on 19 Apr 2024 07:04

Nifty PSU Bank Performance

Day Range

  • Low 6768.75
  • High 6958.3
  • Open6,862.75
  • Previous Close6,953.35
  • Dividend Yeild1.53%
  • High


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Nifty PSU Bank

The Nifty PSU Bank index is like the other indices you will easily find under the National Stock Exchange of India. It can capture the performance of all the PSU Banks. The PSU or Public Sector Banks are qualified for inclusion within the index subject. It can help fulfill all other inclusion criteria, such as the trading frequency and listing history.

The Nifty PSU Bank index is computed with the free-floating market capitalization process. Also, the index level reflects the overall free-float market value of the stocks within the index relative to a specific market capitalization value. You can use the Nifty PSU Bank index for many reasons.

Some of these reasons are for launching all the index funds, structured items, benchmarking fund portfolios, and ETFs.

Nifty PSU Bank Scrip Selection Criteria

Here is a list of eligibility criteria for the Nifty PSU Bank

● All the public sector banks have to rank under the top 800 according to their full market capitalization and daily turnover based on their past 6-month records.

● Companies also need to have an outstanding share capital of 51%. This share capital should be held by the State Government and Central Government, either indirectly or directly.

● The trading frequency should be around 90% during the last 6 months. Besides that, it's also crucial for the companies to have a 6-month listing history. Companies that come out with the IPO will be qualified for the index inclusion only when it completes all the eligibility criteria for the 30-month index rather than the 6 months on.

● When it comes to the final selection for all the companies will be conducted according to the company's free-float marketing capitalization.

● The weightage of all the stocks present under the index will get calculated based on the stock's free-float market capitalization. Doing so will prevent the stocks from being over 33%, and the weightage of the top three stocks will not be over 62% when rebalancing occurs.

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Where should people purchase the Nifty PSU Bank shares?

When you have decided to buy shares of Nifty PSU Banks, you should do so from a well-known and registered brokerage firm. These brokerage firms are available online, making it much easier for you to purchase the shares without hassle. But before making the purchase, please research a brokerage firm that suits your needs.

How much is the share price of Nifty PSU Bank shares?

It's difficult to tell the exact share price for the Nifty PSU Bank shares. It's mainly because the volatility and company share prices keep changing due to the market conditions. This means the share price for the Nifty PSU Bank of today will not be the same tomorrow. So, it will be much better to check share prices quickly before it changes again. Remember, because of the market conditions, the share price will either go up or down.

What is the PE ratio of Nifty PSU Bank?

Just like the share prices, there might also be changes in the PE ratio. You need to check the PE ratio of the Nifty PSU Bank from the site of a registered brokerage firm. But as of December 8th, 2022, the latest PE ratio of the Nifty PSU Bank is 10.73.

What is the market capitalization of the Nifty PSU Bank?

The market cap or market capitalization is decided after you multiply the existing market price of a business's share by the total number of outstanding shares. At present, the market cap of Nifty PSU Bank is INR 0.00.

What exactly is the 52-week low and high of the Nifty PSU Bank?

The 52-week low is INR 2283.85, and the 52-week high is INR 4287.75. 

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