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5paisa Research Team Date: 28 Dec, 2023 03:22 PM IST


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There is no specified PPF account age limit for opening and activating a PPF bank account. The adults, along with the children, are also eligible for having a PPF account. Nonetheless, when it comes to minors below the age of eighteen, the PPF account must be used by their parents until they reach the age of eighteen. 

PPF Account for Minors

Initiating to open a PPF account for minors is an excellent way to save funds when expecting childbirth at the edge. For example, if you have a newborn and you activate a PPF account in their name, you need to invest a specific sum of funds every year. 

By the time your children are propelling through the middle of adolescence, the PPF account balance needs to be leveled up to at least INR 30 lakhs. This fund can further be utilized for higher educational purposes. 
However, in case they do not require the funds instantly, the parent can leave the account as it is. They can continue investing more funds, which can boost their savings for future urgencies and commitments. 

Is There Any Particular Age To Start A PPF Account?

The PPF account can be activated at any point in time. One needs to keep in mind that there is no PPF account age limit for opening the account. What will matter is that the contributions are initiated consistently on a regular basis to attract substantial returns in the long run. 

Nevertheless, it is suggested that potential investors begin to open and activate their PPF accounts as soon as possible without unnecessary delay. Opening the PPF account during the early stages of life ensures lucrative returns, leading to a secured future.

When it comes to children, the parents are suggested to open their PPF account as soon as the child is born. In the case of adults who are done with their educational journey and still do not hold a PPF account, the perfect time to initiate is when they first join their jobs. 

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