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PPF deposit limit is a crucial aspect of the Public Provident Fund that one has to consider first. Moreover, this can help you to detect the maximum amount that you can invest or may be willing to. The deposit limit will also help you to understand the return interest for the future.

What is PPF deposit limit? 

The PPF deposit limit refers to the maximum amount of money that you can invest annually in a Public Provident Fund (PPF) account. One can easily create a PPF account in a post office or a bank. Once you have the account, you need to make a deposit of at least 500rs as per your preference once a year in the account till it matures. Moreover, you will also earn a guaranteed good amount of interest from your PPF account. The PPF Account comes with a 15-year term that you can extend by an additional 5-year period.

PPF Account Deposit Limit 

Depositing an amount in your PPF account is important to keep it active. The PPF's highest limit is 1.5 lakh rupees, and the minimum amount to deposit in your account is Rs 500. You can easily make the deposit payment in your account for the year. However, you will only be able to make it up to 12 times in a year. The minimum amount for these kinds of multiple deposits starts at Rs. 500. The total amount of those deposits must be, at most, the highest deposit limit of 1.5 lakhs rupees.

If you would like to extend the PPF more than fifteen years, you must submit a request to the post office or bank one year before the maturity date of the PPF account. You would need to continue making the annual minimum deposit of 500 rupees to maintain the account's activity if the deposit time was extended. Furthermore, there would be no changes to the PPF deposit limit. 

Withdrawal Limit from the PPF Account

There are some processes that you must follow if you want to withdraw from your PPF account before it's mature. You can easily withdraw a portion of the PPF balance after the seventh year from the account opening date. Also, only some specific reasons would be permitted for the withdrawal. 

You are permitted to make partial withdrawals from your PPF account once a year by submitting the required information with Form C. Moreover, you can take out a loan against the balance of your PPF account between the third and sixth years after you opened it. The loan's interest rate is computed at a rate that is 1% higher than the applicable rate that the PPF plan offers. Also, if you are shifting your residential address, then you can also withdraw your account balance.

PPF Applicability Limit 

Only residents of India are eligible to open PPF accounts. NRIs are still able to match the PPF deposit limit and make the payment in their account if they were Indian residents. After the 15-year maturity period, they will be able to create other PPF accounts or renew ones that already exist.

PPF Limit for Loans 

You can get the loan from your PPF account, which will come with a limit of twenty-five percent of the total amount after two years of account opening. You have to pay a 2% higher rate of interest for your taken loan against the balance of your PPF account. If you do repay the loan within the period of 36 months, then 6% interest will be applied.

Deposit Limit

PPF Deposit limit starts from a minimum of 500 rupees and a highest of 1.5 lakhs rupees per year, with a maximum of 12 contributions per calendar year.


The PPF deposit limit ensures a safe and stable future by acting as both a regulatory restriction and a guiding concept for responsible financial management. With a minimum of 500rs to a maximum of 1.5lakhs, you can create a strong backup for the future. Make a greater future with multiple investments that will safeguard your future with minimum investments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can make a maximum annual deposit of 1.5 lakhs rupees in your PPF account.

No, the maximum you can deposit is 1.5 lakhs in your account in a month.

For FY 2023–2024, the interest rate of your PPF account is 7.1%.

No, one person can only have one PPF account by their name.

Both are profitable for different people. However, if you want tax benefits PPF accounts would be beneficial but FDs are great for flexibility and liquidity with guaranteed returns.

Yes, you are able to make multiple deposits into your PPF account each month.