Steps to Upload KYC for EPF UAN

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In the realm of personal finance, debunking investing myths is essential for empowering individuals to take charge of their financial well-being. Beyond investing misconceptions lies a crucial aspect of financial security: updating KYC (Know Your Customer) for EPF (Employee Provident Fund) UAN (Universal Account Number). This process ensures seamless access to retirement savings benefits. With clear guidance, anyone can navigate the steps to upload KYC efficiently. 

Steps to Enable EPFO KYC Update Online

Enabling EPFO KYC updates online is a convenient process that allows individuals to ensure their information is accurate and up-to-date for seamless access to various EPF benefits. Here's a detailed guide on how to enable EPFO KYC updates online:

• Step 1: Visit the official EPFO portal at

• Step 2: Log in to your EPFO member portal using your UAN and password. 

• Step 3: Once logged in, navigate to the "Manage" tab and select the "KYC" option from the drop-down menu.

• Step 4: Review the KYC details already uploaded, if any. This includes Aadhar card, PAN card, bank account details, passport, driving license, etc.

• Step 5: To add new KYC details, click on the "Add KYC" button.

• Step 6: Enter the required details for the type of KYC document you are adding. For example, if you're adding Aadhar card details, enter the Aadhar number, and name as per the document, and select the document type as Aadhar card. 

• Step 7: Upload scanned copies of the KYC documents. Ensure that the documents are clear and legible to avoid any rejections.

• Step 8: After entering the details and uploading the documents, save the changes and submit the KYC update request.

• Step 9: Once the KYC details are submitted, they will undergo a verification process by the EPFO. This may take some time, and you can track the status of your KYC update request online.

• Step 10: If the submitted KYC details are verified successfully, they will be approved, and the updated information will be reflected in your EPF account.

Documents Required to Update KYC for EPF UAN

To update your UAN KYC, you typically need to provide the following documents: 

    • Identity Proof (Any one of the following):

• Aadhar card
• Passport
• Voter Id card
• PAN card
• Driving license
• National Population Register (NPR) card
• Pension payment order

    • Address Proof (Any one of the following):

• Aadhar card
• Passport
• Voter Id card
• Driving license
• Bank statement/Passbook
• Utility bills 
• Ration card

    • Bank Account Details:

• Bank account number
• IFSC code of the bank branch where your EPF withdrawals will be credited
• Cancelled cheque or bank statement with your name and account details

It's essential to ensure that the documents you provide are valid, current, and correctly reflect your details. Additionally, make sure that the scanned copies of these documents are clear and legible when uploading them on the EPFO portal for KYC updates to avoid any difficulties. 

Updating Contact Details in Your EPF Account

Here are the steps to follow to update contact details in your EPF account: 

• Step 1: Access the EPFO member portal using your UAN and password.

• Step 2: Under the 'Manage' section, find the 'Contact Details' option in the dropdown menu.

• Step 3: Tick the box next to either 'Change mobile number' or 'Change email ID' to update the respective details.

• Step 4: Click on the 'Get Authorisation Pin' button to receive an authorisation pin via OTP on your registered mobile number.

• Step 5: Input the authorisation pin received on your mobile number to authenticate and authorise the update.

• Step 6: Once the pin is successfully entered, your mobile number or email address will be updated in your EPF account.

EPFO KYC Track Status Via

Here’s a table stating the steps involved in EPF KYC status tracking:

Step Action
1. View UAN Card Login to Member e-Sewa Portal and select "UAN card" under the "View" tab to check KYC information.
If KYC is completed, the UAN card will display a "Yes" next to the KYC information row.
2. Check Approved Documents Navigate to the 'KYC' section under the 'Manage' tab in the Member e-Sewa Portal to view approved documents.
Under the 'Digitally Authorised KYC' tab, verify if documents like Aadhaar and bank details are listed.
3. Verify on EPF India Website Visit and select 'Track EKYC' from the dropdown menu.
Enter your UAN and captcha code. If KYC is complete, you'll receive a message confirming Aadhaar details.


Benefits of PF KYC Update

Updating your PF KYC details offers several benefits, ensuring smooth processing and access to various services. Here are the details:

• Seamless Transaction Processing: With updated KYC details, transactions such as withdrawals, transfers, and settlements are processed smoothly, reducing delays and administrative hassles.

• Secure Authentication: KYC updates enhance security by ensuring that your identification and contact details are precise and up to date. This helps to authenticate your transactions and prevent unauthorised access to your PF account.

• Access to Online Services: Updated KYC data allows you to easily use online services provided by PF authorities, such as checking your balance, downloading your passbook, and submitting withdrawal or transfer requests via online portals.

• Faster Claim Settlement: Accounts that adhere to KYC regulations expedite the claim settlement procedure. Updating your KYC information speeds up the process of shifting funds between accounts, making complete withdrawals upon retirement, or making partial withdrawals.

• Government Subsidy and Benefits: In some cases, government subsidies or benefits linked to your PF account may require updated KYC information. Ensuring your details are current allows you to avail of these benefits without any disruptions.

• Compliance with Regulatory Requirements: Keeping your KYC data up to date ensures that you comply with the regulatory standards imposed by the EPFO and other relevant agencies. This helps to prevent penalties or difficulties associated with non-compliance.

• Enhanced Transparency: Updated KYC information helps make financial transactions more transparent for regulatory bodies as well as for you as the account holder. This transparency fosters trust and accountability in the management of your PF account.

• Ease of Communication: Having appropriate contact information in your KYC record ensures that you get critical communication, notifications, and updates from PF authorities on time, keeping you aware of any changes or developments about your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is mandatory to upload documents on the EPFO portal for KYC compliance.

The approval time for KYC documents can vary, but typically it takes around 15 to 30 days for the documents to get approved by the EPFO.

You can check your EPF KYC status by logging into the EPFO member portal and navigating to the "KYC" section under the "Manage" tab.

The benefits of updating KYC details include smoother transaction processing, enhanced security, faster claim settlements, access to online services, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

You can contact the EPFO helpline for queries regarding UAN KYC updates at 1800118005.