IDBI Mutual Fund

IDBI Mutual Fund was set up on 25th January 2010 with the aim to drive financial inclusion in the country. The fund seeks to assist the investors in making informed investment decisions by offering them mutual fund choices. It is one of the best-performing investment schemes available in India.

IDBI Asset Management Limited is the Investment Manager of IDBI Mutual Fund. As of 31st March 2021, the company manages 22 schemes of IDBI Mutual Fund. The schemes consist of 12 equity fund schemes, 6 debt fund schemes, 2 hybrid fund schemes, and one each of FOF (Gold) and Gold EFT schemes. The total Average Assets Under Management (AAUM) of IDBI Mutual Fund during the quarter that ended on 31st March 2021 was Rs. 4,102 crores.

Top 10 IDBI Mutual Fund Schemes –

Fund Name
1Y Returns
Fund Size (in Cr)
IDBI Small Cap Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 10.29 3 127
IDBI Healthcare Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High -14.45 - 62
IDBI Dividend Yield Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High -0.25 - 87
IDBI Flexi Cap Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 2.70 4 368
IDBI India Top 100 Equity Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 1.56 4 567
IDBI Midcap Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High -5.03 2 183
IDBI Gold Fund – Direct Other High 7.83 3 40
IDBI Focused 30 Equity Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 2.47 4 127
IDBI Long Term Value Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High -0.13 3 97
IDBI Equity Advantage Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 0.29 2 473
IDBI Nifty Index Fund – Direct Growth Other Very High 1.48 3 205
IDBI Nifty Junior Index Fund – Direct Growth Other Very High -4.23 2 52
IDBI Hybrid Equity Fund – Direct Growth Hybrid Very High -0.93 2 182
IDBI Short Term Bond Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderate 11.04 3 32
IDBI Equity Savings Fund – Direct Growth Hybrid Moderately High 1.83 3 11
IDBI Ultra Short Term Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderate 4.28 1 242
IDBI Dynamic Bond Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderate 2.66 3 18
IDBI Liquid Fund – Direct (B) Debt Moderate 3.69 - 755
IDBI Gilt Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderate 0.54 1 12
IDBI Liquid Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderate 3.67 5 755
IDBI Credit Risk Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderately High 14.14 2 32
IDBI Banking & Financial Services Fund – Dir Growth Equity Very High -7.87 2 84

IDBI Mutual Fund is sponsored by IDBI Bank Ltd. It is one of the largest banks in India, with 1853 branches and 3370 ATMs spread across the country. It helped shape the financial structure of India, first as a development financial institution and later as a full-fledged commercial bank.

The bank offers its clients various products and services, including project financing, term lending, working capital loans, lease finance, venture capital, and corporate advisory services. It has also played an instrumental role in sponsoring the development of key financial institutions in India, namely, the National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) and National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL).

Below are some mutual fund schemes offered by IDBI Mutual Fund:

IDBI Short Term Bond Fund

It is a short-term open-ended scheme with a duration of 1 to 3 years. The scheme invests in money market and debt instruments to provide investors with regular income. The minimum investment amount is Rs 5000. One can also invest through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).

IDBI Liquid Fund

This open-ended liquid scheme aims to provide investors with a high level of liquidity apart from regular income. For this, the scheme invests its entire corpus in a low-risk portfolio of money market and debt instruments with a maturity of up to 91 days.

IDBI India Top 100 Equity Fund

This is an open-ended long-term scheme investing more than 80% in Equity and Equity related Instruments of Large Cap companies. The plan provides investors with an opportunity for long-term capital appreciation.

IDBI Dynamic Bond Fund

This open-ended debt scheme invests in debt instruments with multiple durations. It aims to meet the dual objective of income generation and liquidity maintenance. The debt instruments include fixed/floating rate debt, government securities, securitized debt, and money market instruments.

IDBI Small Cap Fund

This open-ended equity scheme invests predominantly in small-cap stocks. It is a long-term plan which aims to provide a capital appreciation for its investors.

IDBI Mutual Fund: Key Information

(As of 31st March 2021)

Name of the Mutual Fund IDBI Mutual Fund
Asset Management Company Name IDBI Asset Management Limited
Incorporation Date 25th January 2010
Sponsor Name IDBI Bank Limited
Trustee Name IDBI MF Trustee Company Ltd
Managing Director & CEO Mr. Raj Kishore Singh
CFO & COO Mr. Anil Dhawan
Auditor M/s. JCR & Co.,
Chartered Accountants, 18th Road, Khar (West),
Mumbai 400 052
Registered Office IDBI Tower, WTC Complex, Cuffe parade Colaba, Mumbai – 400 005

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IDBI Mutual Fund- Top Fund Managers

Mr. Alok Ranjan

Mr. Alok Ranjan is the Head Equity and Fund Manager at IDBI Mutual Fund. He has about 25 years of experience in different fields of financial services. His educational qualifications include MBA (Finance) and B.Sc Physics (Honors). Before joining IDBI Mutual Fund, he worked with Shriram Asset Management Ltd.(Fund Manager), Way2wealth Securities Ltd.(Head of Research), and Advisory First Global Ltd.(Vice President Research).

Mr. Raju Sharma

Mr. Raju Sharma is the Head Fixed Income and Fund Manager at IDBI Mutual Fund. He has 29 plus years of experience in financial services, including fund management, debt capital market, and treasury. A Chartered Accountant and LLB, he joined IDBI Mutual Fund in May 2017. Before that, he was associated with Greenbridge Capital Advisory, Indiabulls Asset Management Company Ltd., Tata Mutual Fund, SPA Securities Limited, etc.

Mr. Firdaus Marazban Ragina

Mr. Firdaus is an Equity Fund Managerat IDBI Mutual Fund.He has over 21 years of work experience in the finance sector, focusing on equities. He joined IDBI Asset Management Ltd. in Aug 2016. Before IDBI, he was associated with IL&FS Broking Services Ltd., Avendus Securities, IL&FS Investsmart, UTI Securities, and RefcoSify Securities.

Mr. Bhupesh Kalyani

Mr. Bhupesh Kalyani is a Fixed Income Fund Manager at IDBI Mutual Fund. Out of his total work experience of 19 years, he dedicated 14 years to fixed income fund management and dealing. A Chartered Accountant by education, he joined IDBI Asset Management Ltd. in Jan 2017. Before joining IDBI, he was associated with Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co. Ltd., LIC Mutual Fund, and Tata Mutual Fund.