Shriram Mutual Fund

Shriram Asset Management Company Limited is an important part of the ‘Shriram’ Group. This company specialises in providing financial services such as consumer finance, life and general insurance, stock broking, chit funds and distribution of financial products. The company got incorporated on 27th July 1994. However, the Certificate of Commencement of Business was received on 5th December 1994. On 21st November 1994, the company received permission from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to act as the Asset Management Company of Shriram Mutual Fund

Shriram Mutual Funds

With the commencement of its operations in the stock market on 5th December 1994, the Shriram Asset Management Company started investing and dealing in Shriram mutual funds. However, the Shriram Credit Company Limited (SCCL) possesses a 68.67% controlling stake in the fund house and hence is responsible for regulating myriad stock market operations and decisions for the company’s mutual fund operations. 

Being a subsidiary company of the conglomeration of the Shriram Group, SCCL is assigned to manage the investment patterns of Shriram Mutual Funds. It is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, with registration number 8215. An acclaimed financial services company, it has a paid-up capital of INR 240,631296. 

Shriram Mutual Fund originated as a trust and was eventually registered under the Indian Trusts Act on 27th May 1994. Its registration with SEBI was on 21st November 1994. The registration number for the same is MF/017/94/4. 

Shriram Mutual Funds displays an ideal investment market to investors as per their diverse needs. This fund has shown tremendous results in the past, thereby generating returns of 2.34% to 4% annually on an average across various fund types. Since all these funds, provided by Shriram Mutual Funds, are open-ended in nature, it suits the liquidity aspect of the investors very well. 

Top 10 Shriram Mutual Funds Schemes –

Fund Name
1Y Returns
Fund Size (in Cr)
Shriram Long Term Equity Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 1.47 3 40
Shriram Hybrid Equity Fund-Dir Growth Hybrid Very High 1.12 2 57
Shriram Flexi Cap Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 0.70 2 62
Shriram Balanced Advantage Fund – Direct Growth Hybrid Very High 3.11 - 49
Mutual Fund Shriram Mutual Fund
Setup Date Dec-05-1994
Incorporation Date Jul-27-1994
Sponsor Shriram Credit Company Ltd. 
Trustee Board of Trustees
Chairman N.A
CEO / MD Mr Akhilesh Kumar Singh 
Compliance Officer Mr Tanmoy Sengupta 
Investor Service Officer Mrs Sneha Jaiswal 
Assets Managed INR 202.72 crore (Mar-31-2021)

Shriram Mutual Funds- Top Fund Managers 

Mr Kartik Soral

Having experience of more than ten years, Mr Kartik Soral is a Senior fund manager at Shriram Mutual Funds. He holds a B.Tech degree in Chemical engineering from IIT-BHU and PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad. He is highly proficient in risk management, technical factor analysis and portfolio construction skills. 

Mrs Gargee Bhattacharya Banerjee

Currently serving as an equity research manager at Shriram Mutual Funds, Mrs Gargi Bhattacharya joined the company in November 2012. She is responsible for segregation equity securities with high potential through financial modelling to improve investment accuracies. 

Ms Chandana Dutt

Ms Dutt currently handles the post of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Shriram Mutual Funds. In her previous work portfolio, she was a corporate accounts manager where she had to deal with internal and statutory audits, tax assessments and accounts finalisation. 

Mr Tanmoy Sengupta

Holding the portfolio of Compliance Officer at Shriram Mutual Funds for the last six years, Mr Tanmoy Sengupta has an M. Com degree and AICWA from ICAI. He has experience of 16 years in his professional field. Before this, he worked as an Assistant Compliance Officer at Shriram Share Brokers Limited.

Ms Reena Yadav

Being the Company Secretary for more than 15 years now at Shriram Mutual Funds, Ms Reena Yadav possesses an ACS degree She has been associated with the company since 2008 and was the company’s Assistant Secretary from 2008-2011. However, after a brief hibernation, she joined back as Company Secretary in August 2012. 

Ms Sneha Jaiswal

Serving as the investor service officer at Shriram Mutual Funds, Ms Sneha has been attached to the company for more than seven years. She possesses an ACS degree from the Institute of Company Secretaries in India, and she is presently responsible for looking into investor-related issues of registrars and transfer agent activities.