Quantum Mutual Fund

Quantum Mutual Fund is backed by Ajit Dayal’s Quantum Advisors Private Limited, a pioneer in Indian equity research. Quantum Advisors has helped millions of investors make smart equity choices using a unique quantitative and qualitative approach. Now, Quantum Mutual Fund brings this expertise to common investors to diversify their portfolios and help them reach their financial goals.

Mr. Ajit Dayal set up the Quantum Advisors Private Limit in the 1990s. The company follows an investment philosophy that emphasizes rigorous research to select stocks that have a greater chance to withstand the test of time and market cycles. Quantum Mutual Fund believes in adding value to the investor’s portfolio.

Best Quantum Mutual Funds

Fund Name
Fund Size (in Cr)
1Y Returns
3Y Returns
5Y Returns
Quantum India ESG Equity Fund Equity - 62 1.7 18.8 -
Quantum Tax Saving Fund Equity 2 112 9.3 16.7 9.8
Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund Equity 2 884 8.6 16.5 9.6
Quantum Equity Fund Other 2 90 5.3 15.6 10.4
Quantum Gold Savings Fund Other 2 76 10.8 10.6 11.8
Quantum Multi Asset Fund Other 3 47 8.0 9.9 8.5
Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund Debt 3 84 4.1 6.3 6.3
Quantum Liquid Fund Debt 2 541 4.4 3.8 4.8
Quantum Nifty 50 ETF Fund Other - 14 - - -

Quantum Mutual Fund, a reliable and trustworthy fund house, has been around for over a decade. Since its launch in 2006, it has weathered various political and economic changes and fluctuations in the market. From each of these challenges, the fund has emerged stronger and has lived up to the expectations of investors. It makes them the perfect choice for those looking for sensible, risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

Despite the market noise, socio-economic volatilities, and any macro-economic factors, they always manage your money prudently and with integrity.

Keeping long-term financial goals in mind they strive hard on the “Investor First Approach.” This means investors can comfortably invest their valuable savings in Quantum mutual funds. The prime approach of Quantum mutual funds is honesty and transparency so that both new and experienced investors put their investment in the right place.

Quantum Mutual funds have a team of Asset Managers, not Asset Gatherers, which beliefs in managing the investor’s money in the right place. They do not believe in gathering the money of the investors and thus improving their portfolio over time.

The fund managers keep a hawk-eye on the best stocks and manage the investor’s portfolio in the best possible way.

Quantum AMC Ltd Key Information

Mutual Fund Quantum Asset Management Co Pvt. Ltd
Sponsor Quantum Advisors Private Limited
Founder Ajit Dayal
Assets Managed
INR 1755.83 crore (Mar-31-2022)
Managing Director Jimmy A. Patel
CEO Jimmy A. Patel
CIO Arvind Chari
Incorporation Year 1990
Launch Year (Mutual Fund) 2006
Toll Free Number 1800 209 3863 

1800 22 3863

International Number +91 022 2278 3863 

+91 022 6829 3863

Email CustomerCare@QuantumAMC.com
Address Nariman Point 6th Floor, Hoechst House, Mumbai – 400 021

Quantum Mutual Funds Managers

Arvind Chari – Fund Manager (Fixed Income)

With over five years of experience in the finance sector, Arvind Chari is a key fund manager in Quantum Mutual funds. Earlier, he worked with Tower Capital and Securities. Mr. Chari has done both M.Com and MBA from Mumbai University.

Currently, Mr. Arvind Chari is the CIO as well as the manager of the AUM of Quantum Fixed Income funds.

Atul Kumar (Equity)

Atul Kumar is another diligent fund manager of Quantum AMC, and he has over seven years of experience in the finance and consulting industry. Mr. Atul obtained his B.Com from Delhi University and did his PGDBM from the ICFAI Business School. Prior to joining Quantum, he managed assets for Sahara Asset Management Co, Pvt. Ltd.

As of now, Mr. Kumar manages the AUM of Quantum Equity Funds.

Chirag Mehta (Commodities)

Mr. Chirag Mehta completed his M.Com and MBA (Finance) from Mumbai University. Mr. Mehta has experience of over five years in the finance sector and relevant fields. Before working as a fund manager for Quantum, he worked as a coordinator with Electronic Data Systems (EDS) for Xerox.

Currently, Mr. Chirag Mehta manages the AUM of the Quantum Commodities fund.

Hitendra Parekh (Quantum Index Fund)

Hitendra N Parekh has been working in the financial services industry for more than 17 years. Mr. Parekh graduated from Mumbai University and completed his B.Com and Masters in Financial Management from there. Before working as a fund manager with Quantum, he managed assets for Unit Trust of India for four years and UTI securities Ltd for nine years.

At present, Mr. Hitendra Parekh is managing funds of Quantum Index Fund.

Nilesh Shetty – Associate Fund Manager (Equity)

Nilesh Shetty is presently working as Associate Fund Manager and possesses seven years of experience in the research sector. He joined Quantum AMC in 2009. Mr. Shetty completed his post-graduation from Mumbai University with Masters in Management Studies (Finance). Moreover, he is a well-qualified Chartered Financial Analyst.

Presently, Mr. Nilesh Shetty manages the AUM of Quantum Equity Funds.

How to Invest in Quantum Mutual Fund?

When it comes to mutual funds, there are quite a few to choose from. If you are looking to invest your money, there are several types of funds you can choose from, including equity, debt and hybrid funds. Equity-based mutual funds are securities that hold company stock, while debt-based mutual funds invest in bonds or notes. Hybrid funds offer a combination of both types of securities.

If you want to invest in Quantum Mutual Funds, the process is extremely simple on the 5Paisa platform. 5Paisa is one of the country’s largest investing platforms, and you can easily add Quantum and other mutual funds to your portfolio. The steps to invest are as follows:

Step 1: Log in to your 5Paisa Account. If you do not have one, register and create a new 5Paisa account in 3 easy steps. Alternatively, you can download the 5Paisa app on your smartphone for Android or IOS and log in from your device.

Step 2: Search for the Quantum Mutual Fund scheme you want to invest in.

Step 3: Select the option that fits your requirement and risk appetite.

Step 4: Select the investment type – SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) or Lumpsum.

Step 5: Input the amount you’d like to invest and proceed with payment by clicking on the ‘Invest Now’ button.

Now that you know how the investment process works, you should be ready to invest in Quantum Fund. Once your payment is successful, you can see the Quantum Mutual Fund reflected in your 5Paisa account in 3-4 working days. If you have selected the SIP option, the chosen amount will get deducted every month starting from the date you have made the payment.

Top 10 Quantum Mutual Funds to Invest

The difference between small-cap and large-cap stocks is not generally well understood, especially by those new to the stock market. We’ll look at what makes these two categories of stocks distinct from one another.

The most basic way to measure the stock market’s performance is by looking at its return or changes in the price of a stock between two different times. When it comes to the stock market, investors must always stay informed. As an investor, it is your responsibility to know if your investment is successful or not so that you can make appropriate decisions.

Here is a quick look at the top 10 Quantum Fund mutual fund investment options that have provided high returns to investors:

Quantum India ESG Equity Fund

Quantum India ESG Equity Fund is an open-ended fund that aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing predominantly in equity and equity-related securities of companies listed on Indian exchanges. The fund managers use a fundamental bottom-up research approach focusing on risk management while investing across asset classes and geographies.

  • Category: Equity: Thematic ESG
  • Scheme Type: Equity
  • NAV: INR 16.86 as on 09/08/2022
  • AUM: INR 2,939 crore
  • Inception Date: 12th July 2019
  • Fund Manager: Chirag Mehta, Sneha Joshi
  • SIP (Minimum Amount): INR 500/-
  • SIP Frequency: Monthly
  • Minimum Investment Amount: INR. 500/-
Min Investment Amt ₹500
AUM ₹62 Cr
1Y Returns 1.7%

Quantum Equity Fund

This investment fund allows you to invest based on a percentage of your income. This is an alternative method of investing with Quantum Fund that allows investors to gain exposure to their strategy without having to give up any control over their portfolio.

It is achieved by creating a portfolio that consists of both long and short positions and then allowing the fund manager complete discretion over which assets will be sold and bought at any given time.

  • Category: Flexi cap
  • Scheme Type: Equity
  • NAV: INR 53.25 as on 09/08/2022
  • AUM: INR 77.59 crore
  • Inception Date: 20th July 2009
  • Fund Manager: Chirag Mehta
  • SIP (Minimum Amount): INR 500/-
  • SIP Frequency: Monthly
  • Minimum Investment Amount: INR. 500/-
Min Investment Amt ₹500
AUM ₹90 Cr
1Y Returns 5.3%

Quantum Tax Saving Fund

A tax-saving fund is a mutual fund designed to save your tax. It is a fund that provides a deduction under section 80C of the Income Tax act. You can invest in this fund and claim a deduction under section 80C.

Tax-saving funds allow you to save taxes by investing in them. These funds are meant for tax-saving purposes and have low expense ratios. The returns are also taxable as per your income slab.

  • Category: Equity: ELSS
  • Scheme Type: Equity
  • NAV: INR 78.16 as on 09/08/2022
  • AUM: INR 99.84 crore
  • Inception Date: 23rd December 2008
  • Fund Manager: Sorbh Gupta, George Thomas
  • SIP (Minimum Amount): INR 500/-
  • SIP Frequency: Monthly
  • Minimum Investment Amount: INR 500/-
Min Investment Amt ₹500
AUM ₹112 Cr
1Y Returns 9.3%

Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund

These funds invest in stocks considered undervalued by the analysts or sell at a discount to their “intrinsic value” or what they would be worth if they were traded on the stock exchange (net asset value).

They focus on buying stocks at a discount — when their market price is lower than what it’s worth — and selling them when their market price rises back up to its fair value or above. Because value stocks tend to decrease in value before increasing again (as opposed to growth stocks), these funds tend to have lower returns but less risk than growth-focused funds over time.

  • Category: Value-oriented
  • Scheme Type: Equity
  • NAV: INR 78.45 as on 09/08/2022
  • AUM: INR 803.72 crore
  • Inception Date: 13th March 2006
  • Fund Manager: Sorbh Gupta, George Thomas
  • SIP (Minimum Amount): INR 500/-
  • SIP Frequency: Monthly
  • Minimum Investment Amount: INR. 1000/-
Min Investment Amt ₹500
AUM ₹884 Cr
1Y Returns 8.6%

Quantum Gold Savings Fund

A gold savings fund is a type of mutual fund that invests in gold. This fund is ideal for investors who want to invest in gold as an asset class but don’t want to deal with the risks or costs associated with buying physical gold.

This mutual fund invests in gold and gold-related assets like ETFs and gold mining companies. This is one of the safest options to invest your money as it will not be affected by inflation or market fluctuations.

  • Category: Gold
  • Scheme Type: Equity
  • NAV: INR 20.59 as on 09/08/2022
  • AUM: INR 74.71 crore
  • Inception Date: 19th May 2011
  • Fund Manager: Chirag Mehta
  • SIP (Minimum Amount): INR 500/-
  • SIP Frequency: Monthly
  • Minimum Investment Amount: INR. 500/-
Min Investment Amt ₹500
AUM ₹76 Cr
1Y Returns 10.8%

Quantum Multi Asset Fund

Multi-asset funds invest in both equity and debt securities. These funds are ideal if you want exposure to equity and debt markets without buying separate mutual funds for each asset class.

These funds can also be good for investors who don’t have much time or expertise to manage their investments. Hybrid funds are a combination of equity and debt. These are called hybrid because they invest in stocks and bonds or fixed income securities.

  • Category: Multi-asset allocation
  • Scheme Type: Hybrid
  • NAV: INR 24.38 as on 09/08/2022
  • AUM: INR 44.83 crore
  • Inception Date: 11th July 2012
  • Fund Manager: Chirag Mehta
  • SIP (Minimum Amount): INR 500/-
  • SIP Frequency: Monthly
  • Minimum Investment Amount: INR. 500/-
Min Investment Amt ₹500
AUM ₹47 Cr
1Y Returns 8.0%

Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund

These funds invest in fixed income securities like bonds, debentures, and money market instruments. They are investment vehicles that pool money from many investors to purchase securities.

The fund’s manager holds these securities, including stocks, bonds or other assets. The manager invests the fund’s assets according to a preset plan (the “investment objective”), with the goal of earning profits for its shareholders.

  • Category: Sectoral- Dynamic
  • Scheme Type: Debt
  • NAV: INR 17.16 as on 09/08/2022
  • AUM: INR 83.78 crore
  • Inception Date: 19th May 2015
  • Fund Manager: Pankaj Pathak
  • SIP (Minimum Amount): INR 500/-
  • SIP Frequency: Monthly
  • Minimum Investment Amount: INR. 500/-
Min Investment Amt ₹500
AUM ₹84 Cr
1Y Returns 4.1%

Quantum Liquid Fund

A liquid fund is also known as a short-term debt mutual fund that buys short-term debt instruments like treasury bills, commercial papers, certificates of deposits etc., from banks and other financial institutions.

The investment period is generally between 7 days to 1 year. Presently, interest rates are very low; hence, investing in these types of funds is no point unless you need quick access to your money now and then.  

  • Category: Liquid
  • Scheme Type: Debt
  • NAV: INR 29.13 as on 09/08/2022
  • AUM: INR 508.10 crore
  • Inception Date: 7th April 2006
  • Fund Manager: Pankaj Pathak
  • SIP (Minimum Amount): INR 500/-
  • SIP Frequency: Monthly
  • Minimum Investment Amount: INR. 500/-
Min Investment Amt ₹5,000
AUM ₹541 Cr
1Y Returns 4.4%

Quantum Nifty 50 ETF Fund

Large-cap funds invest in large companies with strong market positions and stable businesses with strong growth potential. They tend to be less volatile than other types of mutual funds because they comprise a large portion of the market capitalization index.

It is a great way to diversify your portfolio and get exposure to multiple asset classes without doing all the research yourself. They are available for almost every type of investor: from conservative investors who want to preserve their capital to aggressive investors who want high returns with higher risk exposure.

  • Category: Large cap
  • Scheme Type: Equity
  • NAV: INR 10.07 as on 09/08/2022
  • AUM: NA
  • Inception Date: 5th August 2022
  • Fund Manager: Hitendra Parekh
  • SIP (Minimum Amount): INR 500/-
  • SIP Frequency: Monthly
  • Minimum Investment Amount: INR. 500/-
Min Investment Amt ₹500
AUM ₹14 Cr
1Y Returns -%

Frequently Asked Questions

The quantum of investment depends on how much risk you are willing to take and how much time you have to invest. If you are a conservative investor with a long time horizon, you can go for a larger quantum of investment in your SIPs.

When you sign up for a SIP in a Quantum Mutual Fund, the minimum amount is INR 500.

Yes, you can increase your SIP amount for any of their mutual funds, including those mentioned above, at any time. You just need to visit their website or call them up and tell them that you want to increase your SIP amount or stop it altogether if there is no need anymore to continue with it.

Invest your money safely and securely with 5Paisa. The zero-commission platform offers a variety of investment options, including Mutual Funds, Gold, ETFs and more. Choose from SIP or Lumpsum options and avail of the ease of accessibility and user-friendly platform with no hidden charges.

You can buy, sell or switch mutual funds online. There are many benefits of buying and selling mutual funds online. With 5Paisa’s apps, you can purchase and trade mutual funds on the fly. Download the Invest app and the Mobile Trading App and open an MF account.

You can stop purchasing new shares in a mutual fund during a subscription period by going to your account on 5Paisa and requesting that it cancel your standing order for additional shares. Click on the “Stop SIP” option under the scheme, and you’re ready.

Quantum Mutual Funds offers a wide range of investment options, including mutual funds, ETFs, bond funds, and liquid schemes. There are various investment options to help you reach your financial goals.

The Quantum Fund is a global macro fund that invests in stocks, bonds and other assets across the world. The fund bets on macroeconomic trends worldwide, such as interest rates, inflation and currency movements. The Quantum Fund has historically focused on investing in developed markets but has begun to invest in emerging markets.

Before investing in any fund, you must first assess your risk appetite. This will ensure that you do not put your money into something that will not work for you because it is too risky or not enough for your expectations.

Investing in Quantum Fund allows you to diversify your portfolio without putting all your eggs into one basket. Investing in several different stocks and bonds reduces your risk and ensures that if one company goes bust or loses money, then at least some of your investments will still be safe and sound.

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