WhiteOak Capital Mutual Fund

Founded by Mr Prakash Khemka in June 2017, White Oak Capital Asset Management Limited is a money management firm with a strong presence in the mutual fund domain of India. White Oak Capital AMC, previously known as Yes Mutual Fund, prioritizes research and the adept implementation of financial services. The firm’s global presence in more than four countries, including Singapore, Mauritius, the UK, and Switzerland, has been a significant contribution to Foreign Portfolio Investment inflows in India during the last three years.

Best WhiteOak Mutual Funds

Fund Name
Fund Size (in Cr)
1Y Returns
3Y Returns
5Y Returns
WhiteOak Capital Ultra Short Term Fund Debt 2 87 4.3 4.3 -
WhiteOak Capital Liquid Fund Debt 1 122 4.3 3.7 -
WhiteOak Capital Overnight Fund Debt 1 11 4.4 3.6 -
WhiteOak Capital Mid Cap Fund Equity - 386 - - -
WhiteOak Capital Flexi Cap Fund Equity - 840 - - -
WhiteOak Capital Large Cap Fund Equity - - - - -
WhiteOak Capital Tax Saver Fund Equity - 16 - - -

What makes White Oak Capital Mutual Funds stand apart from other asset management and firms is its unique analytical approach towards equity, which is driven by data that gives a deeper understanding of financial processes and profitability. This ultimately aids in the creation of a balanced portfolio.

The foundation of White Oak Capital is built on the principle of supreme execution of services, thus giving utmost importance to the performance of their mutual funds. White Oak Capital Mutual Funds Online in India constantly evaluates and assesses its financial services rather than focusing on results to refine its schemes.

The entities of the White Oak group accumulatively hold Assets Under Management (AUM) worth USD ~ 5.6 billion (as of 31st October 2021). Aiming for a more international client base, White Oak Capital Mutual Funds Online manages sovereign wealth funds, pension plans, endowments, individuals and family offices investing in India through a design of independently maintained investment funds and accounts.

White Oak AMC Ltd Key Information

Asset Management Company Name White Oak Capital
Sponsored by GPL Finance
Founded on June 2017
Founder Mr Prashant Khemka
Chief Business Officer  Prateek Pant
Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Aashish P. Somaiyya
Chief Operations Officer Bhalchandra Joshi
Managers Mr Parag Jariwala, CFA (Director – Investments)

Mr Rishi Maheshwari (Director – Investments)

Mr Rohit Chordia (Director – Investments)

Mr Ayush Abhijeet (Associate Director – Investments)

Mr Anand Bhavnani (Associate Director – Investments)

Registered Office  Cnergy, B2/B3, 6th Floor, Appasaheb Marathe

Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400025.

Registration Number – LLP AAJ-6257

White Oak Capital Mutual Fund Managers

Mr Parag Jariwala

Mr Parag Jariwala serves as one of the investment directors at White Oak Capital. He possesses immense knowledge in the banking and finance domain, having spent more than thirteen years researching equity markets. His rich background in the BFSI sector includes professional commitments at Religare Capital, Macquarie, and other domestic firms. At Macquarie, he was praised by the clients for his research-backed articles. 

Mr Rishi Maheshwari

Mr Rishi Maheshwari’s currently serves as a director at White Oak Capital. His expertise in investment banking and private equity stems from his vast experience working in the US, India and Middle East. He also worked at Goldman Sachs in New York & Chicago. His academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the Indiana University, Bloomington.

Mr Rohit Chordia

Before joining White Oak Capital as a director, he worked as an analyst at Kotak Institutional Equities. He has more than fourteen years of experience in the investment domain. His prominent achievements include being ranked as a top analyst in Institutional Investor and Asia Money polls. He worked as a financial analyst with Ameriprise Financial on a research front, contributing toward areas of study like competitive markets and cost modifications.  

Mr Ayush Abhijeet

Mr Ayush Abhijeet works with White Oak as an Associate Director, managing the technology branch. Apart from working in the investment sector, he was previously employed in the macro structuring and trading departments at Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank in Mumbai. Later, he worked as an Investment Analyst at Avendus Capital in Indian public equities. His noteworthy educational attainments include a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from IIT Delhi and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.

Mr Anand Bhavnani

Mr Anand Bhavnani has a deep understanding of equity funds and economic management, having spent more than nine years in this field of work. His first stint in the finance management profession was as a Derivatives trader with Futures First. Before joining White Oak Capital as an Associate Director, he worked at Unifi Capital, Sameeksha Capital, and Citi Global Markets. 

Mr Piyush Baranwal

With over 13 years of experience in trading in fixed income and portfolio management, Mr Piyush Baranwal worked at BOI AXA Investment Managers as the Head of Fixed Income. He has also worked as a portfolio manager at Morgan Stanley Investment Management.

Piyush holds a B.E in Electronics & Communication degree and PGDBM degree with a specialization in finance. He has also completed the CFA certification course run by the CFA Institute of the United States.

How To Invest In White Oak Mutual Fund?

With 5Paisa, investing in the White Oak mutual fund is easy and hassle-free. 5Paisa is one of the biggest online investment platforms available in the country and provides a simple and quick way to add White Oak and other mutual fund investments to your portfolio.

You must follow a few steps to invest in mutual funds with 5Paisa. These are explained below:

Step 1: To start investing in a mutual fund, visit the website of 5Paisa and log in to your account. If you haven’t yet created an account with 5Paisa, you can create one quickly by clicking on this link. Registering on the platform is relatively easy and involves just three steps. Alternatively, you can download and install the 5Paisa app on your Android or iOS smartphone and log in to the platform from your mobile device.

Step 2: Upon logging in, you will see different investment choices with various amounts and payment options. You can either choose from ‘one-time’ or ‘SIP’ options to see the funds available for investment or search for White Oak mutual fund to see the schemes.

Step 3: Explore all the funds displayed and choose the one that best matches your risk level, financial goals, and other preferences.

Step 4: Once you select your mutual fund scheme, you may be asked to choose from ‘lumpsum’ or ‘SIP’ based on your interest.

Step 5: Enter the amount you want to invest in the fund and click on the ‘Invest Now’ button to proceed. You are then directed to complete the payment and order process.

Step 6: You can pay for your investment from your ledger balance if you have already added money. If not, you can quickly set up an autopay mandate through UPI or net banking payment methods. Selecting the preferred option takes you through the process with step-by-step instructions on completing the payment.

Your order for investment in the White Oak mutual fund gets placed on 5Paisa. The mutual fund you invest in reflects in the account 3-4 working days after placing the order. If you go with the SIP option, the investment amount gets automatically deducted every month starting from the day you make your first payment.

Top WhiteOak Capital Mutual Funds to Invest

Let us take a quick look at the three White Oak mutual fund investment options available to investors.

WhiteOak Capital Overnight Fund

This debt mutual fund scheme focuses on investing in overnight stocks. The open-ended scheme has relatively low credit risk and interest rate risk. It aims to generate good returns while maintaining high liquidity and low risks. It does so through a portfolio of investments in overnight securities with a maturity of 1 day.

The scheme uses a portfolio strategy of investing in money market and debt instruments that mature on or before the next day. It primarily invests in overnight securities to produce returns corresponding to overnight rates in the market. It also identifies debt securities with attractive returns and overnight maturity while maintaining credit quality.

Overnight funds are the most liquid of all in the fixed-income category. White Oak overnight fund is an excellent choice for retail and institutional investors looking to invest money for short durations and earn attractive returns. This type of scheme has a minimum interest rate and liquidity risks. The fund’s annualized returns for the past 1 year stand at 3.06%. 

  • Category: Overnight
  • Scheme Type: Debt
  • NAV: 1106.49 as on 25/07/2022
  • AUM: INR 26.31 crore
  • Inception Date: 23 August 2019
  • Fund Manager: Piyush Baranwal (w.e.f Aug 2019)
  • Benchmark: CRISIL Overnight Fund AI Index
  • SIP (min amount): INR 500/-
  • SIP Frequency: Monthly
  • Minimum Investment Amount: INR 500/- 
Min Investment Amt ₹500
AUM ₹11 Cr
1Y Returns 4.4%

WhiteOak Capital Liquid Fund

This is a direct-growth open-ended liquid fund with a low-interest rate and moderate credit risk. The Liquid Fund scheme seeks to provide maximum returns while maintaining moderate levels of risk and optimal liquidity through investments in high-quality money markets and debt instruments.

This mutual fund scheme focuses on short-term deployment and predominantly invests in short-maturity and high-liquidity securities of top corporates. It is positioned at the lowest level of risk-return, which serves as the guiding line for investments with minimum risk. The fund invests in a good mix of debt and money market securities which are liquid in nature and have a maturity of up to 91 days. 

The annualized returns for the past 1 year stand at 2.96%, and 4.04% for the past 3 years. 

  • Category: Liquid
  • Scheme Type: Debt
  • NAV: 1160.05 as on 25/07/2022
  • AUM: INR 59.89 crore
  • Inception Date: 16 January 2019
  • Fund Manager: Piyush Baranwal (w.e.f Jan 2019)
  • Benchmark: CRISIL Liquid Fund BI Index
  • SIP (min amount): INR 500/-
  • SIP Frequency: Monthly
  • Minimum Investment Amount: INR 500/- 
Min Investment Amt ₹500
AUM ₹122 Cr
1Y Returns 4.3%

WhiteOak Capital Ultra Short Term Fund

One of the three debt schemes offered by White Oak Capital, the Ultra Short-Term fund, is an open-ended scheme that aims to create good income with low risk through investments in the money market and debt instruments. The portfolio is created so that its Macaulay duration is between 3 and 6 months. The fund has comparatively moderate credit risk and low-interest rate risk and is ideal for investors looking to invest for the short term.

This scheme follows a strategy of identifying securities with attractive yields to create a portfolio that maintains credit quality. It analyses the credit strength and secondary market liquidity using in-house models. The fund seeks to follow strict parameters of credit and liquidity testing to determine the risk-return for investors. Investors with a low-risk appetite willing to earn reasonable returns can consider putting money in this fund.

The fund’s annualized returns for the past year stand at 3.34%.

  • Category: Ultra Short Duration
  • Scheme Type: Debt
  • NAV: 1152.19 as on 25/07/2022
  • AUM: INR 8.38 crore
  • Inception Date: 6 June 2019
  • Fund Manager: Piyush Baranwal (w.e.f Jun 2019)
  • Benchmark: CRISIL Ultra Short Duration Fund BI Index
  • SIP (min amount): INR 500/-
  • SIP Frequency: Monthly
  • Minimum Investment Amount: INR 500/- 
Min Investment Amt ₹500
AUM ₹87 Cr
1Y Returns 4.3%

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily invest in White Oak mutual funds without any hassle through 5Paisa and other online portals. You can also visit the White Oak AMC office and fill out the form. Alternatively, you can consult an investment advisor to start investing in mutual funds.

Yes, White Oak Capital Asset Management Ltd. is one of the best AMCs to invest in mutual funds. It has a presence in India, the UK, Mauritius, and Ireland and caters to individual and institutional investors worldwide.

It manages an AUM of more than INR 40,000 crore dedicated to equity assets as of 2022 and aims to provide a wide range of financial products to suit investors of varying interests and goals.

White Oak mutual fund currently offers three debt schemes investing predominantly in debt and money market instruments. However, not every fund suits all investors. The mutual funds have their own investment horizons and objectives and suit different risk levels.

An investor should analyze how much risk he can take and choose the fund that best matches his risk appetite, financial goals, and investment horizon.

You can stop SIP investment either online or offline. To do it offline, you can visit the nearest branch of White Oak AMC and submit a request or ask the advisor to do the same.

You can visit the White Oak website and stop the SIP for the online method. Alternatively, you can do this from one of the online portals like 5Paisa.

Yes, increasing the SIP amount in the White Oak mutual fund is possible. If you haven’t started investing yet, you can do this with the SIP top-up option that allows topping up the SIP with an amount or percentage every year, boosting the fund returns.

If you have already invested in the SIP, you can stop the existing one and start a new one with a revised amount. You can even choose to start a new SIP in the same fund with an additional amount to have two SIPs in a fund.

To withdraw your investment in the White Oak mutual fund, you can either submit a withdrawal slip with details at the nearest branch of the AMC or do it through an advisor.

You can also redeem your investment online by visiting the fund house’s website or through portals like 5Paisa. Once redeemed, the amount gets credited into the account in 2-3 working days.

5Paisa lets you invest in White Oak mutual fund and other investment options at zero commission. Moreover, investing in mutual funds with 5Paisa is entirely safe and hassle-free and has several other benefits like:

  • Flexibility to select from a wide range of options
  • Liquidity transparency
  • Investment in SIP with as low as INR 500 or INR 100
  • Simple investment process for SIP or lump sum

No, investing in White Oak mutual fund with 5Paisa does not require having a DEMAT account. You can download and install the 5Paisa trading app on your mobile device and open a mutual fund account to start investing in these schemes.

The amount you should invest in the White Oak mutual fund SIP can be determined on the basis of the risk involved in the fund and the tenure of the investment. Analyze these aspects and decide on the amount you think is the most suitable for your financial goals and risk appetite.

To calculate your SIP amount for the White Oak mutual fund, you should consider factors like investment amount, tenure of SIP, number of SIPs of the fund already paid, and the expected interest rate.

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