Is 750 a good credit score?

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In today's economy, your credit score impacts everything from qualifying for loans and credit cards to renting an apartment or landing a new job. So where does a FICO or Vantage Score of 750 lands you? Is 750 considered an excellent credit score by lending standards? Will a 750 score get you competitive interest rates? 

This article analyses what makes up a credit score, what a score of 750 means for borrowers, and how you can reach and maintain a 750 credit rating.

Gets the Best Rates on Loans and Credit Cards with 750 Score

According to credit rating agencies, borrowers with FICO credit scores of 750 and above are generally offered preferred rates from lenders versus those under 700, considered riskier "non-prime" applicants. While 750 already accesses low rates, hitting 760+ scores prime status with even more bargaining power potential. Benefits those with 750+ enjoy include:

• Increased approval chances for new credit cards and loans
• Offered lower ongoing Annual Percentage Rates on approved accounts  
• Larger credit limits authorised on new revolving credit cards  
• Lower interest rates on mortgages and auto loans pre-qualified for 
• Generally avoiding security deposit requirements on approved applications
So, is 750 a good credit score overall? Yes - 750 earns an Excellent rating by FICO already accessing great loan terms. But maximising Excellent into Exceptional status above 760 saves on expensive borrowing costs over many years. 

How to Get a 750 Credit Score

Achieving a credit score of 750 is good depends on financial habits in areas that impact scoring algorithms:

1. Credit Utilisation Rate 
This measures the percentage of your total available revolving credit each month. Experts recommend keeping individual and overall credit utilisation under 30%. Those with a score of 750 or higher keep their rates low, typically below 10%, to avoid maxing out their limits.  

2. Payment History
On-time payments are the most important factor for a high credit score. This includes never missing a payment, paying more than the minimum, and keeping balances low. People with a perfect payment history for decades typically score 750 or above.

3. Credit Mix
Credit scoring algorithms necessitate the responsible handling of various credit types, including credit cards, retail cards, student loans, mortgages, auto loans, and personal loans over a period of time. Individuals with a credit score of 750 commonly possess 4-5 mixed instalment and revolving accounts that have been established for a significant period of time.

4. Age of Your Credit History 
The longer your credit history with no missed payments, the better. People with excellent 750 scores often have 15-20+ years of open accounts in good standing, which helps with age metrics.

5. New Credit
New accounts should be added gradually to avoid lowering the average account age. Additionally, it is advisable to keep hard inquiries to a minimum when opening new credit accounts, as these inquiries can temporarily lower credit scores.

6. Hard Inquiries by Credit Score Range 
Maintaining a credit score of 750 or more should be easy, even if you have over 50 hard inquiries in two years. All you need is to be careful with your credit applications, and your credit score will remain unscathed. So, if you want to keep your scores tip-top, adopting a conservative approach to credit applications is best.

Those with 750 scores add new accounts carefully over very long histories to continue boosting all weighted categories simultaneously over decades spent honing exceptional credit management practices. Their financial foundation feels unshakeable thanks to long-proven low-risk credit reputations.

How to Safeguard Your 750 Credit Score

After working hard to achieve a 750 credit score, maintaining an Excellent rating long-term requires adhering to the behaviors that got me here.

• Keep high credit limits to push utilisation metrics even lower   
• Consider reward cards with perks aligned to my financial goals
• Create automatic payment setups from bank accounts and never miss dues  
• Review statements monthly to verify no fraudulent activity  
• Hold spending to levels where I consistently pay balances off fully every month
• Check credit reports annually to ensure no errors negatively impact the score  

Financial experts agree that retaining credit excellence feels easier once techniques become ingrained habits over many consistent years of practice. Milestone scores like 750 substantiate financially responsible behaviours positively impacting borrowing costs for life.


A FICO or Vantage Score credit score of 750 is considered excellent and gives access to the best lending terms. While higher scores are possible, 750 already qualifies for prime rates from most institutions. By keeping positive credit habits - like low balances, no missed payments, and moderate credit inquiries - you can maintain 750+ scores for years and save substantially on borrowing costs when you need credit.

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