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The mandate amount meaning is the maximum limit set for an automatic or recurring payment that the account holder authorises. The maximum amount of funds can be deducted from the account regularly without requiring further approval from the account holder. This limit is set by the account holder or the financial institution providing the payment service.

What is Mandate Amount?

The mandate amount meaning is the predetermined sum of money that a person or organisation agrees to authorise for automatic deductions from their bank account. This agreement is established when setting up AutoPay or a payment mandate with a service provider. 

By specifying what is mandate amount, the account holder grants permission for the designated amount to be automatically withdrawn from their account at regular intervals, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually. 

What does AutoPay/Mandate limit mean?

AutoPay or Mandate limit refers to the maximum permissible amount that can be deducted from the account holder's bank account through an automated payment system. It serves as a safeguard to prevent unauthorised or excessive deductions from an account. By setting a limit, the account holder can control the maximum amount that can be withdrawn through AutoPay, ensuring they maintain control over their finances.

What is the maximum amount for a mandate?

The maximum amount for a mandate can vary depending on several factors, including the policies of the financial institution and the agreement between the account holder and the service provider. In many cases, the account holder determines the maximum mandate amount, allowing them to set a limit that aligns with their financial capabilities and preferences. However, financial institutions may also impose limits to mitigate risks and protect their customers.


To simplify financial management, account holders can set a mandated amount, allowing automatic deductions from their bank account without needing constant approval. It's crucial to consider the maximum amount for the mandate to ensure it aligns with personal financial goals and maintain proper control over the account. Regularly reviewing and monitoring mandate transactions is essential to ensure accuracy and security in automated payments.

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