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The inception of the internet has made learning very intuitive and accessible. Education previously available only through books is now obtainable in multiple formats. The medium of books, the oldest learning tool, is still relevant but not the sole source of knowledge anymore.  

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As a beginner investor, there are multiple ways to understand concepts, read about the companies, spend time researching, and get a general overview of the share market. 5paisa brings the best free online resources to help you understand the share market and investments in depth. This article will give you the best online resources to learn about stock market investments. 


Best online resources to learn about the stock market investment

1.Online courses​

With the rise of the internet, education is accessible at the fingertips. The pandemic has only acted as a catalyst for online learning and given rise to multiple ed-tech platforms like Coursera and Udemy. They are available in a live or recorded format for a learner’s perusal.  
2.E-books and Blogs​

If you are a self-learner and love to read books, e-books can be the best way to learn about the stock market. Most financial books have kindle versions available. Some are free, while you can purchase others at a reasonable rate. These are handy and have easy-to-read access any time, anywhere. You can also check out blogs on financial literacy on Finschool section of 
5Paisa website to know specific terms and concepts.​

LinkedIn and Twitter are the portals where stock market experts share their views and studies. Many of them are interested in guiding beginners into getting started with trading. You can find an expert online who can guide you through your stock market journey as your mentor.  
However, it is essential to understand the thin line between an influencer, a social media content creator and an industry expert. Make an informed choice about who you look up to as a mentor only after carefully considering all available options - Paid and Free.​
4.Blogs by successful investors​

Mistakes make a successful investor. What better way to learn than from the failures of people who have experienced it firsthand and remained at the top of their game? Many experts have blogs where they share their investing experiences over a wide range of topics like what worked for them, what bad decisions they made, and how they could have avoided a financial catastrophe.  
One can learn from these candid experiences and some tips and tricks these investors use. You may also find a weekly/monthly newsletter authored by expert investors that shares some investing insights. You can also discover expert videos on 5Paisa to learn stock market trading online.​

5.Sign up for a webinar​

Many experts conduct online webinars that offer trading courses for beginners. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram have groups where new investors can access all the webinars. These webinars can provide you with a basic idea of stock market investments. Ultimately, they pave the way to conduct further research. ​
6.Financial news portals​

Financial News portals provide readers with information about stocks and daily updates on the share market. It keeps you updated on market activities. News articles help you identify how to market activities can probably affect your portfolio. 
7.Join communities 

Startups are building community-first products and services. These communities organise e-meets, discussions, and live chats where people and admins help each other solve niche-specific doubts. A community where members discuss the latest stock market trends can be a great source of insights. 

How can you start stock market investing through 5Paisa?

Opening a Demat account is the first step toward stock market investing. You can unlock your all-in-one Demat account with 5Paisa. It is an easy 4-step process and offers minimal brokerage charges. A Demat account with 5Paisa enables you to seamlessly execute trading investments through futures trading, options trading, stocks, IPOs, mutual funds, commodities, etc., in one place and achieve your financial goals. 


Q.1: What books should I read as a beginner about investing in the stock market? 
Ans: A few books you should read as a stock market beginner include, The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, One Up On Wall Street by Peter Lynch, and Stocks to Riches by Parag Parikh, among others. 
Q.2: Are there any blogs by successful investors that I can read? 
Ans: Yes, there are several blogs that you can read, which include Trade Brains by Kritesh Abhishek, Safal Niveshak by Vishal Khandelwal, and Anshul Khare. 
Q.3: Which online courses do you recommend for beginners? 
Ans: Beginner's Guide to Stock Terminology - Udemy, Investing Basics for Millennials - Skillshare, and How To Profit From Stock Market Volatility - Udemy are among the most popular courses. 

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